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Fitness Pricing

Fitness has always been a huge role within my life, and I have had my up's and down's, however my love of fitness has never gone away. I absolutely love doing fitness shoots, whether they are location or within the studio, its amazing to capture somebodies dedication.

This section will have listed the packages and all information you need to make a decision of what you are after for your image. If your a fitness athlete going in for the WBFF, NABBA, PURE ELITE, UKBFF etc you know all your efforts need to be acknowledged and a selfie on a mobile will not do if you want to impress potential Sponsors.

Take the time, read through what you get and what you can expect, for bookings, please use the 'Book Now' button below the package to be directed to the Contact page to arrange a Photo shoot.



This Bronze Package is plain and simple and is a perfect choice for those wishing to get shots without any fuss for a Fast and easy way to get what you are after.

Please see the full details of this package below. Models MUST give a brief of what they are after be prepared to shoot and MUST bring their own clothing to the photo shoot.

  • FREE Phone consultation to discuss your requirements.

  • Images are sent via 'Dropbox' (all customers must create and account, please click the link to create your account HERE FOR DROPBOX)

  • A choice of 6 image for editing from the photo shoot and all unedited images are sent within the full Hi resolution format.

  • Edited images will get a BASIC retouching with color adjustments, light touching on skin and face along with removal of any visible scars

  • This package is a 3 hours Photo shoot session within Studio with backdrops of Black, white and Grey.