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Meet your photographer

A warm welcome and thank you for taking the time to

visit my website and reading a bit about me as

your photographer.

My name is Jon Harrison, I am a photographer,

Image retoucher and designer based within Leigh,

Lancashire which is in the North West.

My background has predominantly been within the

Art and design sectors as I have always had a creative

flare from a young age in primary school

all the way through to University.

For my higher education, I attended

The University of Salford between 2005-2008,

which I did a degree within Visual Arts.

After my graduation, I worked within retail until I did

extra work within the image retouching sectors and finally

obtained a job within a reprographics company in 2012. After 3 years within the reprographics company I soon realized I needed to spread my wings and do what I enjoyed which was photography.

Inspired by Guernsey Photographer Karl Taylor, Essex Photographer Alex Wightman and Glyn Davis I took the risk and left my job to pursue a career within Photography within the fitness and fashion sectors.

This was a huge risk as I was working self employed for over 12 months, however with risk comes success and I was able to get recognition from social media and online clients. 

2016 I was asked to do my first wedding as I never advertised to do weddings as the market is so saturated with wedding photographers I felt there wasn't a need for another. However with my experience and dedication I did my first wedding within Wales and it was a huge success and I absolutely loved weddings since then onwards.

My photography takes me all over the country to different venues, homes and towns where I have captured weddings in Yorkshire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside, Scotland, Midlands Northern Wales and Manchester. I love to travel and see new places and meet new people.

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