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This section is dedicated to some of the past weddings I have captured. On your wedding day my aim is to capture the day as it unfolds and telling a story of your special day. Regardless of how BIG or SMALL it could be, its your day to share with everyone you love and I am there to capture those special moments. So please take your time, enjoy the stories and I hope I can be your photographer to create your own story for your wedding day.






This wedding would be by far the most memorable out of all the weddings I have done within my photography career. During the Coronavirus Pandemic we started to experience higher infections during October of 2020 and as a result when we entered into November 2020, the government then told the UK we where entering a second mini lockdown starting on 5th November which meant no more weddings would proceed until the lockdown had ended. On the 3rd November I was over in Leeds at an appointment and around 2-3pm that day I had a call off Andrew asking if I was available for his wedding, only to then tell me that his new date was the day after on the 4th November over in Kendal and then over in Windermere.

I was excited as when I had learnt it was over at the langdale chase hotel, I knew it would be a fantastic spot to get some great photographs of the couple. Also at the end of the call Andrew had told me that Ruth was unaware it was over at the Langdale chase as they only had the registry office booked.

So comes the day and even though we was in November, the weather was absolutely amazing with no rain, wind or any of the winter elements usually associated with November. When I arrived in Kendal the weather was amazing with glorious sunshine and there was smiles all around regardless of the situation of lockdown again.

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